Ferment.Drink.Repeat (FDR) Brewing Co.

A San Francisco Small Batch Craft Beer Brewery And FIVE time award winner at the 2018 California State Commercial Craft Beer Competition



Our Beer Drinking Philosophy

At FDR, we have a simple ethos: Build a great community around great craft beer.

We don’t subscribe to the “best beer in the world” theory – seriously, who has literally tried EVERY single beer in the world? In our opinion, the “best beer in the world” is the one you are currently drinking, in good company, making lasting memories!

While we obsess about quality in our award-winning brewery, we also place a significant amount of focus on building a community gathering spot with no intimidation. We want everyone who enters our Brewery and Tap Room to feel comfortable; whether it's someone who is a super craft beer geek or someone who knows nothing beyond macro-brewed beer. Don't know much about a Saison or Stout? Maybe you've never heard of the beer styles Saison or Stout. That's ok, just ask and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. We consistently brew a wide range of interesting styles on our 7-barrel system we rotate through our ten taps to ensure everyone who enters can find a hand-crafted, small-batch beer to enjoy.

Great community and great craft beer. Come join us, and you’ll soon find a place among friends that feels like home. 


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2636 San Bruno Ave. San Francisco, CA 94134