Ferment.Drink.Repeat (FDR) Brewing Co.

A San Francisco Small Batch Craft Beer Brewery And FIVE time award winner at the 2018 California State Commercial Craft Beer Competition



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  • Ferment. Drink. Repeat - FDR Brewing 2636 San Bruno Avenue San Francisco, CA, 94134 United States (map)

Shivoo means "a boistrous party or celebration" ... and is also an original Funk-Groove- Jazz-Jam band based in Redwood City, California  featuring Nate Steffen (keyboards, vocals), Zeke Edwards (guitar), Nick Winkworth (bass) and Jamin Bracken (Drums).

Shivoo brings together four veteran musicians, all with experience playing in bands across the country and around the Bay Area. Each brings a different musical background to the project, blending their diverse influences seamlessly to create a new and unique sound.

The band's original songs leave the musicians space to improvise and take the music in new and unexpected directions, bringing in elements of funk, jazz, jam, hip hop, blues, and world to make inventive and exciting music that's as engaging to listen to as it is fun to dance to.


2636 San Bruno Ave. San Francisco, CA 94134