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LIVE MUSIC - Violet Island with Special Guest Quentel the Cryptid

On February 4th, 2017 three guys from the East Bay started a band, they put their collective heads together in order to come up with a name that would inspire a generation. Instead they came up with Violet Island. These days Violet Island has four members, Adrian (Vocals/Guitars), Newman (Bass), Felipe (Drums), and Lizzie (Everything Else). With the help of their trusty pet Jelly Fish they are setting out to follow the footsteps of the bands that inspired them.


cryptid [krip-tid] noun- a creature whose existence has been suggested but that is unrecognized by a scientific consensus, and whose existence is moreover often regarded as highly unlikely.

Quentel the Cryptid is a solo artist who recently came to the Bay Area from Philadelphia. Using guitar,  synths,  drum machine, vocal processors, and live looping & sound manipulation with visual elements Quentel the Cryptid creates  a  surreal and haunting musical landscape.



2636 San Bruno Ave. San Francisco, CA 94134