Ferment.Drink.Repeat (FDR) Brewing Co.

A San Francisco Small Batch Craft Beer Brewery And FIVE time award winner at the 2018 California State Commercial Craft Beer Competition



Ferment.Drink.Repeat will fill the following clean growlers:

- Ferment.Drink.Repeat branded 32 oz. and 64 oz. growlers

- Non-Ferment.Drink.Repeat 32 oz., 64 oz., 1L and 2L growlers

We are able to fill non-Ferment.Drink.Repeat growlers with our beer provided all other names, logos, and/or addresses of other breweries are covered. We recommend using blue painters tape to cover these logos as it won’t cause any damage to the vessel or logo.

-  Non-Ferment.Drink.Repeat growlers must be designed to hold beer and must be made of amber-colored glass or stainless steel. We will not fill clear glass, green glass, ceramic vessels, dirty growlers, growlers that do not clearly state their size/volume, or any vessel not designed to hold beer as a growler.

We will not fill any growlers that do not meet the above-stated requirements. We are in the business of selling beer, not glass – if you already have growlers, that is great and we’ll be happy to fill them, we just ask that you please comply with our policies to allow you to get max usage out of the growlers you already own!

 Growlers must be CLEAN. We will happily fill your clean growlers, but can’t risk the reputation of our beer by putting it into a dirty growler. If you want it filled, plan ahead and make sure you’ve done a good job cleaning it so you can take our beer home in its best condition!

 We reserve the right to NOT fill your growler for any reason. Our policy on growlers is subject to change at our discretion.


Growler Usage and Maintenance

Drink beer fresh – enjoying your growler within 3-5 days is your best bet. Keep your filled growlers cold and out of direct sunlight. Once opened, it’s best to enjoy your growler that day, otherwise the beer is going to go flat and not keep in its best condition.

When you empty your growler, we recommend an immediate quick rinse with water – soap is not required. Make sure to shake the water around to rinse the entire inside of the vessel.

If you do not (or are not able) to rinse immediately, we also sell Growler Cleaning Tablets in our Homebrew Supply Shop you can use to get your growler back into peak condition.

Once rinsed, invert to drain, and leave the top off your growler to air dry.


2636 San Bruno Ave. San Francisco, CA 94134