Ferment.Drink.Repeat (FDR) Brewing Co.

A San Francisco Small Batch Craft Beer Brewery And FIVE time award winner at the 2018 California State Commercial Craft Beer Competition



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Think you have what it takes to be FDR's next "Iron Brewer"?

If you do, you'll get to brew your beer at Ferment.Drink.Repeat AND get to pour it alongside us at the 2020 SF Beer Week Opening Gala! Read below for details, then register today to reserve a limited slot in our 4th Annual Iron Brewer Competition!

What is "Iron Brewer" you ask?  Unlike most homebrew competitions where you are directed to brew to a certain style, for Iron Brewer, you (or your team) will be assigned an “inspiration” or “secret ingredient” that must be used in a brew of your choice. That's right, you can pick the style, but choose wisely - which style is going to best showcase the inspiration or secret ingredient you receive?

We'll assign the inspiration or secret ingredient you'll need to use at a special drawing event, to be held at our tap room at 4pm on October 27th. Brewers (or a designated Representative) MUST BE ON HAND at FDR on this day to receive your assigned category to be eligible to enter the competition.

You'll then have six weeks to brew your out-of-this-world beer - entries of three 12 oz. bottles must be received at FDR no later than December 8th.

Beers will be judged in a preliminary round according to the 2015 BJCP Guidelines. The top 5 beers will advance to a Public Tasting event to support the Portola Neighborhood Association (PNA) to be held at Ferment.Drink.Repeat Sunday, December 15th. The Overall Winner will be determined by a combination of Public Tasting vote, and if needed for tie-breaking purposes, input from the preliminary judging panel. If a clear winner is not determined in that process, the Head Brewer at FDR reserves the right to declare the Overall Winner of the event.

Now for the really good stuff - the winning Brewer (or team) will get to scale up the beer and brew it at FDR on our 7-Barrel brewing system, and serve it with us at the 2020 SF Beer Week Opening Gala! How freaking cool is that?!? Besides getting to brew the beer, you're going to get into the biggest, baddest, beer event of SF Beer Week - a guaranteed ticket in, and access to literally hundreds (thousands?) of beers to taste. Sweet!

Entry for this competition is only $20, half of which goes to the local, non-profit organization we are supporting (the Portola Neighborhood Association), and the other half gains you entry into the final tasting event where you can vote for the winner if your beer happens to not make it to the Finals. To enter, hit the PayPal link below to pay, then be sure to shoot us an email with a copy of your receipt to fermentdrinkrepeat@gmail.com so we can confirm your slot in the competition.

Still think you have what it takes to be our "Iron Brewer"? Don't delay - slots are limited, so hit the PayPal "Pay Now" link below to register today to enter one of the coolest Homebrew Competitions you'll ever find!


·        October 27:  Registration Window Closes

·        October 27:  Special Ingredient Drawing at FDR, 4pm (Brewers or Representative MUST BE PRESENT)

·        December 8:  Entries (3 x 12 oz. bottles) Due at FDR

·        December 15:  Final Public Tasting Event at FDR to Determine Overall Winner


2636 San Bruno Ave. San Francisco, CA 94134